Little Hunting Creek Park

Located between Prospect City Hall and Fox Harbor Road, Little Hunting Creek Park draws its name from the meandering stream that winds its way through the middle of the park. In early spring the banks of the creek bound to life to welcome the change of seasons with hundreds of daffodil blooms planted ages ago by the residents of Fox Harbor.At just over 3 acres, Little Hunting Creek Park offers plenty of space for family gatherings, neighborhood get-togethers, or just a shady spot and a cool breeze to watch the creek roll by on a summer’s day.Little Hunting Creek is also the location of the Fox Harbor trailhead for the Putney Pond and Woodlands Area. Just shy of an eighth of a mile long, this trail offers a view of the creek and wetlands of Putney Pond.

Parking is available at City Hall and in a limited capacity along Fox Harbor Road.


Directions to the park

Open dawn to dusk

Contact the city to request private use of the park.