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Parks and Recreation

About the parks

COWLEY PARK: A two-acre park with a traditional gazebo.

Activities: Community celebrations such as 4th of July festival and summer music fests Hours: Open dawn to dusk

HARRODS CREEK PARK: This park is comprised of 105 acres and has about 4 miles of trails offering hiking ranging from easy to moderate. The park's wildlife and varied eco-system includes anything from Wild Turkey to White Tailed Deer.

Activities: Hiking trails (moderate difficulty, some elevation), bird-watching, fishing and a canoe / kayak launch. Hours: Open dawn to dusk

LITTLE HUNTING CREEK PARK: Little Hunting Creek Park spans nearly 4 acres and draws its name from the meandering stream that winds its way through the middle of the park.

Activities: Family recreational use, picnics Hours: Open dawn to dusk

PUTNEY POND and THE WOODLANDS PARK: This park is comprised of 26 acres and offers a variety of woodland trails, a pond and surrounding wetlands.

Activities: Hiking trails (easy to moderate difficulty), bird-watching, fishing Hours: Open dawn to dusk

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Kentucky fishing license needed to fish in Harrod's Creek and Putney Pond.

Pets: Must be picked up after and be under owners control at all times

What is not allowed in parks and all park rules

Guide to birds found in Prospect's Natural Areas

Get involved

  • Volunteer
    • Volunteer to add to and improve existing trails.
  • Eagle Scout Projects in Prospect
    • Completed projects
    • Contact us at City Hall if you are interested in doing an Eagle Project in Prospects Parks. Funding may be available.


Trail Improvements/Maintenance in Prospect Parks

As our park trails become have more popular, we have noticed that some well intentioned visitors have tried to "improve" the trails by placing logs and stones along the edges of the paths. While placing materials to define the edge of a path may be aesthetically pleasing, it can actually be detrimental to the sustainability of the trail. Placing barriers along the edge of a trail reduces drainage, causing water to pool on the trail after rain events, and increases the time it takes for the ground to dry out.

We rely on volunteer labor to build our park trails, and encourage our visitors to help us as they are able. As you walk the trails, we suggest that you to bring a plastic bag and pick up any trash or broken glass you see. You are also invited to participate in trail work days which are scheduled occasionally from spring through fall. If you are not already on the email list to be contacted about upcoming volunteer opportunities, please email Linda Wardell ( or sign up under the Volunteer heading on the this page.

If you have questions about the parks, feel free to contact the Director of Public Works, Ron Cundiff @ 502-228-1121

Watch new video: "An Aerial View of Putney Pond"

Harrods Creek Park now includes almost 4 miles of walking trails!