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No domestic animal (non-domestic animals are not allowed in the City) may be loose in Prospect. County and City ordinances both require an animal to be under the control of a person at all times. If you have a fence (including an invisible fence if your pet is wearing a control collar) then the animal is considered under your control. Pet owners must abide by the City’s “pooper-scooper” ordinance.

Animals found roaming free will be caught by the Police or Jefferson County Animal Control officers. When caught by Prospect Police, the animal will be placed in a cage at City Hall until Animal Control picks it up. Prospect Police will attempt to contact a pet’s owner if it has a tag.

Fines & Penalties: You are subject to a City fine and County penalties if your pet is picked up. In addition, the County’s animal shelter is on the other side of the County, so it is to your advantage to reclaim your pet as quickly as possible.

Metro Animal Services website


Prospect has a large population of wildlife and there are ordinances against hunting or mistreatment of animals. In regard to the removal of dead animals, the homeowner is responsible for the removal of animals found on their property.

Generally, any improvements which you make outside your home, as well as remodeling projects, require a building permit from the City. Improvements and projects requiring permits include  fences, swimming pools, sprinkler systems, additions, and the like. Improvements to driveways, mailboxes, or landscaping do not require building permits.

Permits must be obtained at City Hall. Most contractors are familiar with the process, but you are responsible for seeing that the permit is obtained. If construction is begun without a permit, a stop-work order and/or a fine may be imposed.

Residents who build in-ground swimming pools (no above-ground pools are allowed in the City) must also obtain a permit from the City, County, and from the County Board of Health.

You should be aware that many areas of the City have deed restrictions which may be more restrictive than City ordinances. Read your deed restrictions before you decide to buy or build.

Your city is dedicated to keeping all residents informed about its activities. The Mayor and City Council believe that only through informing residents of what the City is doing can it be responsible to you.

The “Prospect City Newsletter” is produced on a volume basis and emailed to every resident on the email list!  The “City Mail” e-mail program is a resident option. You may add your e-mail address by completing the online form. Residents will receive all the current information on City Hall activities and reminders of City Meetings. The newsletter may also be found on the website.

The “Minutes” are the official record of the Council’s actions. Because these must be approved by the Council, they generally run a month behind. However, you can obtain by viewing online. Residents are encouraged to attend meetings and can participate in discussions on issues which interest them.

The City has about 250 ordinances on a variety of subjects. You are invited to visit City Hall at any time and read the entire content of any ordinance, or search and read the ordinances online. At your request, we can also make copies of ordinances for a small photocopying charge.
A few of the specifics of some of our ordinances are:

  • You cannot have an above-ground pool in the City. Wading pools no deeper than one foot or less than eight feet in diameter are not considered above-ground pools.
  • Swimming pools must be surrounded by a fence.
  • You cannot have a satellite dish more than 39.7 inches in diameter. Dishes may only be in back or side yards and screened from “public view.”
  • You cannot have a chain-link fence in the City. You cannot have any fence in the front yard.
  • You must have a permit to park a boat, camper, or mobile home in the City. The Code Enforcement Department can issue a permit to allow such vehicles to be at your home for a limited amount of time. No large trucks are allowed to be parked in Prospect.
  • No one is permitted to solicit for donations or sell items in the City without a permit. If someone comes to your door for such a purpose, please notify the Police. Neighborhood children selling items such as Girl Scout cookies and Band candy are generally exempt from this ordinance.
  • You cannot maintain a public nuisance in the City. Structures in dilapidated condition, high grass, loud noise, barking dogs and the like are considered nuisances.
  • Outbuildings are prohibited on lots of less than three acres.

Fire protection is not a function of City Government. The Harrods Creek Volunteer Fire Department, a very modern and fully-equipped fire-fighting force, provides services for Prospect residents. The fire house is located at 8905 U.S. Highway 42.

Chief Kevin Tyler is in charge of the Fire Department. He can be reached at 228-1351 or via email at info@hcfd.org.

For a fire emergency, call 911.

Prospect is the only city in Jefferson County to provide twice-weekly back-door garbage and once-weekly back-door recycling pickups. In addition, the City provides curbside once-a-week pickup of yard waste (leaves and grass clippings).

Garbage pickup is on Monday and Thursday for half of the City, and on Tuesday and Friday for the remainder. Recycling pickup is on the second garbage pickup day of the week, and yard waste pickup is on the first garbage day. Call the City Hall at 228-1121 to determine your days.

You do not need to sort household recycling items. The sorting is done by the City Hall contractor. If you have moved into an existing residence, a green recycling container should have been left for you to use. If you have moved into a new residence, or there is no container, please call City Hall for a new one.

Yard waste, which is grass clippings and leaves, is collected year-around. However, please call the City Hall contractor at 568-3800 during the months of December, January, February, and March if you have such items to be picked up. Yard waste must be placed in paper bags or separate containers. Plastic bags are NOT acceptable.

Branches must be tied with cotton twine in bundles no longer than four feet and weighing no more than 40 lbs. and placed at the curb. Large items (except appliances with Freon) will be picked up at any time. If you have an unusually large amount of such items, please alert our contractor ahead of time.

If a garbage, recycling, or yard waste pickup is missed on your regular day, please call the contractor at 568-3800. Usually, the makeup will be the next day. If the problem persists, please report it to City Hall.

Entrances to the subdivisions in the City are primarily decorated by neighborhood groups for the holiday seasons. If you are interested in working with one of these groups, call City Hall for the name of the person in charge in your subdivision

Tax included in your insurance premiums

Jefferson County has a tax on all insurance premiums other than life insurance. The City of Prospect establishes this tax on its residents annually and receives the payment from your insurance carrier that is included in your insurance policies premium invoice. An additional tax is added to your invoice for the State of Kentucky, and a small additional fee is added by your insurance carrier for processing the tax. The Insurance and Property Taxes are the two major sources of income for the City.

Oldham County has a similar tax on insurance premiums. It is 10%.

Generally, the open areas in the City – in areas around the entrances to subdivisions and in traffic islands – are City property and are maintained by the City. It is recommended that you check with City Hall before planting anything in these areas. Areas still under development are maintained by the developers. The City has no responsibility for these areas.

The Police Department, which has a staff of five full-time officers and six part-time officers, including the Chief and Assistant Chief. The Police Department has headquarters in City Hall.

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You will get two property tax bills: one from the County (which includes the Harrods Creek Fire Protection District, School Taxes, and County property taxes) and another from the City.

Current tax rate: 21.25 cents per $100 of assessed valuation of your property.
Due Date: October 1st annually
Late fees: October 2 - December 31 indicated on the bill. After January 1, taxes are considered delinquent and additional fees will be assessed. If you escrow taxes with your mortgage company, it is your responsibility to get the bill to the lender.

The City does not assess property. This is done by the County Property Valuation Assessor (PVA). If you wish to dispute your assessment, contact the PVA at 574-6380.

Metro = .1075%
School = .7100%
Fire = .1000%
State = .1220% /$100.

Your yard extends through what is called the City’s right-of-way to the street. Although the City has a right-of-way, it is your obligation to maintain it: to mow the lawn, take care of trees, and so on.

The City has the right to use the right-of-way, so please be sure you do not, for example, place sprinkler system components in the right-of-way. If we have to dig up the right-of-way or pave the street, we are not obligated to repair anything in the right-of-way.

An easement is a part of your property the City (or public utilities) can use for specific purposes, such as sewage or drainage pipes and signs. While you are generally prohibited from constructing or planting anything in an easement, the City is generally tolerant of your doing so – with the understanding that if we do have to do work in the easement, we will not replace anything we may damage or remove.

You can check easements on your property by looking at the survey of your lot.

The Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD) is responsible for all waste water management and storm drainage. It collects sewer fees through the Louisville Water Co.

In residential areas, you are limited to one sign on each lot (excepting political signs 30 days before any election). While you may not place signs anywhere in the City other than on your property, signs for yard sales and the like are usually not banned so long as they are up only when the sale itself is in progress.

Commercial signs are permitted in residential areas during period a contractor is providing service. At no time are signs and/or balloons permitted on public property.

Signs on Commercial properties are strictly enforced to maintain the City’s village concept. Before installation, a permit issued by the City must be obtained and be in compliance with Sign Ordinance Chapter 157 Sign Regulations and Standards.

The City has a designated snow clearing plan, which targets the main thoroughfares first, with special attention paid to hilly areas. Generally, Fox Harbor Road and Hunting Creek Drive will be cleared first, followed by Bridgepointe Boulevard and Timber Ridge Drive.

The snow removal plan is for the main streets to be kept clear as much as possible, for secondary main streets to be worked next and secondary streets to be attended to last. Every cul-de-sac street is last on the list on the theory that if the main road is not clear, there is nowhere to go safely anyway.

U.S. 42 is cleaned by Metro, not the City of Prospect. The City has no control over when snow plows clear this highway.

Except for U.S. 42, which is a State highway, the speed limit on all streets in the City is either 20 or 25 miles per hour.

The City furnishes street signs (both of a directional and traffic control variety) and street lights in areas under its control. If you believe a street sign or street light is needed, please contact City Hall.

Private streets and areas still under development may not be under City control. We can tell you whether the area about which you are interested has been dedicated to the City.

Official Public Tree Listing for City of Prospect, Kentucky

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Document includes:

  • Trees acceptable for planting
  • Trees not acceptable for planting
  • Invasive trees and woody plants designated for control and/or removal

Initially adopted by Prospect Forestation Board April 28, 2008, amended 10/20/08; 4/14/09; 7/13/09; 4/12/10

You’ll want to be involved in your community, and the best way to do that is to register to vote.

  • Jefferson County: For voter registration cards, please call the Jefferson County Clerk’s office at 574-6100. Voter registration cards should be returned to 810 Barret Avenue, Louisville, KY 40204
  • Oldham County: Call Oldham County Clerk’s office at 222-0047. Oldham voter registration cards should be returned to Oldham Voter Registration, 100 W. Jefferson Street, LaGrange, KY 40031.

Find Out about voter registration and precincts

Louisville Water Company services the Prospect area.