Harrods Creek Park

Nestled deep in the Hunting Creek subdivision, Harrods Creek Park is one of Prospect’s hidden jewels. A wooded area stretching more than two miles, the park winds its way along some of the more tranquil areas of Hunting Creek.

HIKING: Harrods Creek Park offers hiking ranging from easy to moderate, with changes in elevation up to 84 feet.  The trails are well-marked and take about an hour and a half to complete at a leisurely stroll. The Upper Trail ends at a sandy beach in a bend in Harrods Creek that is usually bustling with wildlife.

WILDLIFE: A stroll through this tucked-away part of Prospect offers a peek into the diversity of the city’s wildlife and varied ecosystem. A quiet walk can reveal anything from wild turkey and blue heron to white-tailed deer. The paths meander through towering hardwood stands and thickets of Kentucky cane.

PARKING AND ACCESS: Public access and parking are located on Montero Drive at the trailhead, which is one block from the intersection of Montero Drive and Deep Creek Drive.