Mayor Evans in Office


From Mayor John Evans


The Mayor serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the administrative branch of City government and holds the following responsibilities:

  • Enforcing all laws and ordinances
  • Exercising administrative supervision and control over all departments
  • Preparing and submitting annual budgets to the City Council
  • Keeping the Council fully advised of the City’s financial conditions and needs
  • Recommending actions to the Council
  • Hiring and terminating all employees of the city with the exception of the City Administrator and Chief of Police
  • Appointing members to the following boards and committees:

About Mayor Evans

Mayor John Evans has been a resident of Prospect since 1975. An attorney with Stoll Keenon Ogden, he became the City Attorney in 1976 and was Mayor from 1981 to 1984. He has also served as Prospect City Clerk and Councilman. Mayor Evans was elected to his current term in July, 2013.

The Mayor has an open door policy and welcomes feedback and recommendations from the community. Residents interested in becoming involved are invited to consider joining the Mayor’s Advisory Committee.

Mayor’s Welcome

Welcome message from Prospect’s Mayor


Contact the Mayor

To contact the Mayor, call
502-228-1121 or email the Mayor