Boards and Committees


  • Code Enforcement Board – Chair: Evan Comer. Meets as required by the current case load.
  • Environmental Service Review Committee – Chair: Frank Fulcher.
  • Ethics Committee – Chair: John Embry. Meets as needed.
  • Forestation Board – Chair: Lee Tucci. Oversees the planting and replacement of Prospect trees in accordance with established city policies, works with arborists to determine how to best care for and maintain city trees and organizes the annual Arborfest in October.
  • Landscape and Beautification Committee – Chair: Mayor John Evans. Responsible for the management and maintenance of turf, trees, and shrubs in subdivision entrances, islands, and other common areas. 
  • Library Committee –  Chair: Sandra Leonard. Manages the Lawrence C. Falk Library collection, establishes lending procedures and organizes readings, presentations, and semiannual book sales.
  • Mayor’s Advisory Committee – Chair: Mayor John Evans. Comprised of members from neighborhood associations, business owners and residents. Meets quarterly.
  • Parks and Recreation –  Chair: Linda Wardell. Advises and makes recommendations concerning the use and betterment of city-owned public parks, lands, and recreational facilities and assesses and assists with progress on improvement and maintenance of shared-use paths, roadways and other connectors
  • Prospect Community Plan Committee - Chair: Luke Schmidt. Working to improve connectivity between neighborhoods and the commercial district.

  • History Book Committee – Chair: Sandra Leonard