Lawrence C. Falk Library

The Collection

The Lawrence C. Falk Library is stocked with an extensive collection of current fiction and non-fiction bestsellers, audio books, and some DVD’s.

The City is on a lease plan for our adult books, which enables the Library to receive newly published works the day they appear on store or library shelves. The plan allows for us to keep for our permanent collection 1 out of every 4 books we lease.


The library was named in honor of former Mayor Falk, who was instrumental in developing this important part of Prospect. Many of our books have been donated by residents since our opening on March 25, 2002.



The hundreds of children’s chapter and picture books in the library’s collection are purchased with the proceeds of the book sales or have been donated by the Prospect-Goshen Rotary Club. The collection contains most of the books on the public schools’ reading lists, many classics, as well as books by the most popular modern authors.


Library Event: Local Author Valerie Kane visits:


The City of Prospect proudly presented a “Meet the Author” event in the Lawrence C. Falk  Library on Friday, September 16 at 2:30 p.m. Valerie Kane has authored short stories and eight novels (written under her pen-name Valerie Kirkwood). She has also edited a religious quarterly and has been a columnist for a writers’ magazine. She has taught writing at conferences around the country, as well as at Bellarmine University. Recently she co-authored Feste! Celebrate with Italian Cuisine. Valerie’s current project is a prayer book for pre-schoolers. Valerie is the mother of three and “Nana” of nine. She attributes the longevity of her 44-year marriage to husband, Alan, to the grace of God and Alan’s love of her pan-seared meatballs and bracciole.